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If you moto tour anywhere in the Ladakh Himalayas, it is inevitable you will hear about this guy called Anu.


He is well known right through this region, having grown up in a small village called Vashisht (just outside of Manali and where Anu Autoworks is located). Anu discovered motorbikes when he was young, and after being mentored by Jusbir Singh, and at the age of 20, decided to open his own mechanic's shop, as well as rent out bikes to tourists.

Anu is obsessed with making people happy and is probably one of the kindest humans you will meet. Over the last 3 decades, Anu has built up a team of local guides, mechanics, and support crew, all who share his passion for seeing people enjoy themselves. Most of his team have been with him for many years.


They will go out of their way to ensure you will have a fun, adventure-filled moto tour and will have some awesome stories and photos to take home with you.



1. Small, personalised company

Royal Moto Touring is a small personalised company that only specialises in the best quality moto tours in the Ladakh Himalayas. We just do one thing, but do it super well.

2. Local mountain knowledge and crew

Anu and the team have all grown up in this region, so they know it like the back of their hands. All are bikers who have ridden these trails and mountains since young boys, and they know all the best spots to go, places to eat and every corner of each road. You can’t beat that local knowledge and experience. All have ridden Enfields for years, so are really experienced with the bikes, and love biking just as much as you do.

3. Anu’s obsession with happiness and quality

Coupled with that is Anu’s obsession with making people happy, which is shared by every member of his business. They will be there to help you every step of the way. He also won’t settle for “good enough”. It's not enough for him to have bikes that are too old or in need of repair just to save a few dollars. His attention to detail and meticulousness is legendary, so you know you are in good hands.

4. The hidden gems

Being local and knowing just about everyone in the region, Anu and his team are often the first to hear of new “roads” being opened, the best places to stay, and places to go, and a really in-depth knowledge of local culture and history. So you are guaranteed not to just have the cookie cutter Himalayan trip, but the trip designed by locals, showcasing the best of what there is in this region.

5. When plans change, they know the people and what to do

The Himalayas can be unpredictable, and even though we try to keep to the itinerary, sometimes plans need to change. That is where having the local experience comes in. Anu and the crew know these roads, mountains, streams, and people well, and are used to adapting and problem-solving for this landscape.


5. Best bikes, the mechanics who look after the bikes are the ones who come on the tour

Anu regularly replaces all of his Royal Enfields (he is one of their best clients in the region). Having such a close working relationship with them, he has first buy on new models. The mechanics (who also ride with you on the tour) are the ones who look after the bikes from when they are purchased brand new. So they know the history of each bike, and Anu only uses genuine Enfield parts.

6. The myths and legends

Traveling with locals, they are a great source of knowledge about the local culture. Instead of getting a “I don’t know” and “will have to google that” from a guide, your Royal Mototouring guides grew up and live in these moutains. They can tell you the stories, the myths, the legends, give you impromptu language phrases if you ask, and tell you about the local culture that only a local can.

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