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We love chatting with other bikers about moto touring the amazing Himalayas. Lots of questions answered here, but if you need more info please contact us

What sort of tours do you run?

There is a set of tour itineraries for you to choose from here, that have varying lengths and styles of trips. If you have any questions about any of them, or you need help deciding, please contact us. We can also custom-design a trip just for you and your mates. Just let us know what you would like, how many of you there will roughly be, the style of riding you would like to do, and where you would like to go. 

How big are the groups?

Group size varies according to the tour, however, we limit the size so that everyone gets a great tour experience. You won’t be stuck in a moving traffic jam of 70 riders.

What level of riding skills do I need? Is there an age limit? How fit do I need to be?

We take all levels of riders. Our guides will be here to help. You just need to have A1 (47BHP – restricted) or A (unrestricted) motorcycle license to ride with us. A positive attitude and willingness to give things a go is always good. You don't need off-road experience before coming. It helps but isn't necessary.


We take riders up to 70 years old.


We take riders of all levels of fitness. You may enjoy your tour more if you ride more at home before you come.

What types of bikes will we riding?

Royal Moto Touring regularly replaces its fleet of Royal Enfields, to make sure you are riding with the best bikes available. The Enfields are perfect for the terrain and landscapes you will be riding in and are synonymous with biking in India. 

I need a certain type of bike, can you help me?

We are able to do some adjustments to the Enfields (e.g. seat height). Please ask when booking.

Who maintains the bikes? Where does this get done?

Anu, the owner of Royal Moto Touring, started out as a mechanic and is fastidious with maintaining his bikes. All the bikes are maintained and serviced at Anu Autorworks, here in Vashisht, just near Manali. It is as pristine as a garage gets (just ask anyone Anu’s reaction if someone leaves something in the wrong spot) and Anu and the mechanics are meticulous. Anu gets a whole new fleet of Royal Enfields every couple of years to ensure that you are riding on the latest and the best bikes. Each tour is accompanied by mechanics, and each guide has basic bike knowledge, so if anything goes wrong, they are there to fix it along the way. The backup van carries spare parts and tires, and Anu only uses genuine Royal Enfield parts. You are in good hands.

What is included and excluded in the tour?


Transfer from the nearest airport (for Manali, this is Kullu, for Shimla, this is Chandigarh, for Leh this is Leh airport) to your accommodation

A Royal Enfield motorbike for the duration of your trip

Experienced, English-speaking mechanics and guides

Support vehicles that are carrying spare bike/parts /gas/tools, mineral water, snacks

Accommodation (best in-area hotels and glamping)

All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, mineral water, and juices on the way)

Gas (for the bikes and support vehicles for the trip)

First-aid kit with all necessary medicines in the mountain region

All line permits for the controlled area for Kinnaur Valley and around Ladakh

Unforgettable memories and cool moto touring stories to take home



All flights (international and domestic)

Travel insurance - you must organize this before you leave home. Make sure it covers you for moto touring on the size bike you will be riding and covers medical evacuation, medical bills, repatriation

We recommend you get an international driver's license before you come as some travel insurance won't cover you without this. It's a good idea to check the fine print.

Motorcycle damage - you are liable for all damage to your bike on the trip. 

Alcohol and any extra drinks ordered


Riding gear including helmet, boots, gloves, etc

Accommodation, meals and any attractions not included in the tour (includes any pre and post-tour extra accommodation, travel to and from the starting points)

Can I bring a friend as a pillion on the tour?

Sure you can! All of our trips are suitable for pillions, and if at any stage they would like to spend time off the bike, they are welcome to travel in the backup van.

I have a group of friends. Can you arrange a tour just for us?

Absolutely. Anu does a lot of custom tours. Just drop us an email and let us know what you were thinking .. length of trip, places you want to go, style of riding, rough numbers of riders, and we will work out the rest. 

We want to go to some places, not on your tours, can you custom-make a tour for us?

Sure of course! We can design a tour just for you. Just let us know where you want to go, the types of riding and terrain you were keen on, and what you would like to see, and we can put together something, especially for you. There are often new “roads” opening up that only locals know about, so if you would like to do riding a bit off the beaten track, just let us know. You can email us here.

Can I just hire a bike from you and go myself?

Sorry. Anu used to rent out bikes, but now just does the tours and has Anu Autoworks.

Can I use my own bike?

You would need to chat with Anu about that one. Drop us a line letting us know which tour and what type of bike you have.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We can sometimes get booked up, so as soon as you know the tour you would like to go on and possible dates, please let us know! A deposit will secure your spot, so you don’t miss out. The season for moto-touring in these parts of the Himalayas is short, just from June until October so there are limited tours and places available. Also, due to Royal Moto Touring's reputation and because we have been operating for so long, we can be pretty popular, especially with repeat bookings. Drop us an email and we will organize everything for you.

Would I book a twin room or single one?

It’s up to you! The twin share option is cheaper, and we will book you in with another rider that has also chosen this option. Or there may be two of you that are happy to share together (please let us know when you book). For those who prefer, the single supplement is a little more expensive. Just let us know on booking, the pricing for these two options is on the individual tour information pages for each tour. Or email us and we can let you know.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, to secure your place a deposit is required. Sorry, we can’t hold a place for you without one.


We ask for a 30% deposit on booking please to secure your place.


Please contact us for bank details.

When is the balance due?

The balance is payable upon your arrival.

What if I need to cancel?

Please let us know as soon as you can.

What type of license do I need?

All you need is a full motorcycle license from your home country.

What type of insurance do I need?

You have to have comprehensive travel insurance to ride with us. Please make sure you choose the options that cover moto tours and motorbikes of 500cc. Not all insurance policies cover these, so make sure you read the fine print!  Also, some policies will only cover you if you have an international driver's license, it's a good idea to check.

Do I need a visa for India?

If traveling from overseas you need both a passport and an Indian visa.


Please ensure your passport is valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip.


You can get an Indian visa online here


Please make sure you organise both of these in advance and don't leave to the last minute as occasionally there can be delays in processing.


We also recommend you check the travel advisories from your country before you leave as well, especially regarding any COVID restrictions.

What do you need to bring? Can you suggest a packing list?

Yes, we do. Have a look in our blog for the guide to the essentials and some handy optional extras we recommend you bring.

What about cash or credit cards?

You won't be able to get many rupees from your home country before you come. So bring some cash, and we also recommend a travel card as well as a credit card.


It can be a bit like a lottery figuring out which one of your cards will work in which ATM. So bring a couple. You can get money out in the major cities, there are often money exchanges in the major towns like Manali and Leh. However, often you will be in remote parts of the Himalayas, and in places like Sarchu, where there is no mobile or WIFI, there definitely won't be an ATM.

Will there be wifi? Should I get an Indian SIM card?

Many of the places you will travel to on your motorcycle trip will have WIFI, but it can be hit-and-miss. Electricity and hot water are the same. Part of traveling in these stunning remote regions comes with an understanding that those things you take for granted back home, may not always be available in every place.


It's possible to get an Indian SIM card, we suggest you get this before you start your tour in one of the larger cities.

Can you buy moto gear in Manali?

At the moment no, so if you need anything bring it with you.

Do I need high-altitude tablets?

Altitude sickness is one of those things that you can't really predict who will get it. It doesn't seem to be affected by age, fitness or other factors. It comes when the body has not acclimatized to the higher regions.


There are a couple of things you can do to help prevent it. Take time to travel to higher altitudes (we have designed our tours for you to adjust), increase your water intake, reduce the amount of alcohol, and increase the number of carbs you eat.


Some people suggest taking Diamox. We recommend if you are thinking of doing this consult with your doctor before leaving home.

Can you book me extra tour nights before the tour?

Sure we can, just let us know when you book with us. There will be an extra charge for any additional nights.

Do you pick me up or how do I meet you?

It's up to you to make your way to the start place of your tour. We will pick you up from the airport at Kullu if your tour is starting from Manali, and we will drop you at the airport if you are finishing your tour in Leh.

What if I want to change from a twin share to a single room on the trip?

In peak season, it can be difficult for us to find extra rooms, so sorry, this is not possible. Please make this decision when you book. We will match you with someone else who has also chosen this option.

Does your crew speak English? Do I need to learn Hindi?

Your team all speak English. It is however nice to learn a few basic phrases of Hindi when traveling in India. Simple things like hello and thank you in the local language go a long way.

What type of food can I get on the tour? Can I drink the water?

There is a mix of different foods on the trip, both Indian and Western. Traveling with Royal Moto Touring we know the best chai stops and restaurants. There is usually both veg and non-veg options.


It's best to drink bottled water or water that has been boiled and filtered. Water will be supplied on the tour.

Will there be alcohol?

There is alcohol available in most places we stay. This is an extra charge and not included in the tour price.

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