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Royal Enfields - local guides



Ride with us across the rooftop of the world, under big open skies

More twisty roads than you can dream of.

Legendary Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Local guides and mechanics who grew up in these majestic Himalayan mountains, and know them like the back of their hands.


Royal Moto Touring has been taking riders just like you on the trip of a lifetime, for over 25 years.

Join us to meet new people, enjoy some fantastic riding, and have some awesome stories and photos to take home.

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From easy riding to adventure off-road,

there is a tour that suits everyone.

Choose from set-date tours,

or we can custom-design one just for you.

For the last 25 years, Anu and Royal Mototouring have specialized only in Himalayan motorcycle tours.


Growing up riding these trails, they know the best places to ride, eat and stay.

Experienced, supportive, and super friendly, they will go out of their way to make sure you have a great motorcycle trip.. 

The tours are all-inclusive, with limited group size, quality bikes, and genuine parts, and include a backup van, expert mechanics, and unlimited adventure.


"You could not do better than doing a trip with Anu and the team.
They are simply the best."

Anu and the team would probably have to be the most professional operators around. Apart from the stunning and unique Himalayan scenery, the trip was greatly enhanced by Anu's attention to detail and kindness toward us all.

Once on the trip, simply everything is catered for and none of us wanted for anything.

The riding is fantastic and at times, challenging but very rewarding. The Royal Enfields are in pristine condition and Anu prides himself on the quality of servicing that they receive.


It is amazing that these road-orientated bikes will tackle such challenging terrain: a testament to good mechanical servicing.

You could not do better than doing a trip with Anu and the team. They are simply the best.

Phil Pearce, 2016

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Anu is well known right through the Indian Himalayas, having grown up in a small village called Vashisht, in the foothills, just near Manali.

 Anu's love of motorcycles began as a small boy when he started helping a local mechanic, Jusbir Singh. He taught Anu most of what he knows about bikes.

He opened his own small workshop at the age of 20, fixing and renting bikes to tourists.


Today, Anu is driven by making people happy. He will do everything in his power to make your holiday hassle-free and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable touring experience.

He now has a wide selection of Royal Enfields and spends his time running and devising new tours. His knowledge of the Indian Himalayas, especially Ladakh, Spiti, Kullu, Lahaul and Kinnaur is unsurpassed

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Located in Vashisht, just outside of Manali, Anu Autoworks is known for excellent repairs, servicing and maintenance of all motorcycles

 Top mechanics, genuine Enfield parts.

Call the garage on +91-9816163378

or find us on Vashisht Rd


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